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AguaVert Applications

There are a number of applications for the AguaVert water filtration system. Essentially, AguaVert filters particulate matter from water which lends itself to a number of applications, some of which are mentioned here:

Potable Water

The AguaVert system is an effective at producing potable water, 650 gallons to millions of gallons per hour of clarified drinking water. It's primary use to date has been providing communities with drinking water.

Greywater or Sewage Waste Water Purification

The AguaVert system can filter recovered sewage processing water for non-potable uses for example: irrigation, washing, flushing of toilets etc.

Backwash Recycling

Legacy sand filtration systems are inefficient by comparison in terms of waste water produced. AguaVert has been successfully used, to increase the output capacity of an existing filtration plants, where for example a legacy plant has reached it's limit and additional capacity is needed in a short period of time. By reprocessing settled backwash water through the AguaVert system capacity can be increased.

Mobile for Disaster Response

AguaVert can be moved around on a trailer and run off a generator to produce clarified water for post disaster applications. It's versatility allows for use in various situations where fixed infrastructure is infeasible or impossible. AguaVert's smallest unit can be run of less than 2Kw generator or other power source.

Cooling Tower Bypass Filtration