Sustaining a Clear Tomorrow



AguaVert Benefits

Cost Effective

AguaVert costs a fraction of the price of traditional sand filtration systems and was designed for the developing world. Designed to be built from off the shelf, locally available parts. This simplified way of fileting water allows for easy and cost effective maintenance.

Rapid Installation

An AguaVert water purification plant can be up and running in a matter weeks rather than months. Furthermore, if additional capacity is required supplementary units can be added in a matter of weeks. This type of flexibility significantly reduces capacity planning and time to go live.


Automation of the plant allows monitoring and adjustment to be conducted by a single person allowing reduction of operational costs otherwise associated with traditional plants. AguaVert decreases operational costs through automation and limiting the labor normally involved with legacy systems. All that is required is occasional monitoring and adjustment of cycle times to the quality of the input water.


Due to its unique, patented design the AguaVert water clarification system uses far less service water than traditional legacy systems. The AguaVert system is typically 1% and can quickly flush the filtration media through its short, effective backwash cycle.

Scalable to Demand

With AguaVert you only need to add the capacity that is required now, which saves you on costs and planning. This is due to the modular scalable design. If you need more capacity later simply add another filtration unit to the system.

Reduced Maintenance

The vast majority of the parts that make up the system are "off the shelf". Ancillaries such as compressor, dosing pumps, valves and other are all readily available for normal wear and tear replacement. The media used for filtration is a non-active media. It lasts for many years and it is relatively inexpensive to replace. For example, one unit has been in operation for five years and it only required the media to be cleaned once. And, it was done simply by flushing the media with peroxide and commencing a backwash cycle..


AguaVert is not a permanent installation as with traditional sand filtration systems. It is modular and scalable which allows you to install smaller plants at multiple locations if required rather than a large central installation. Units have been developed to allow for water filtration completely off grid from a trailer using a generator or other power source. Trailer based water purification units are available.